1. Is epoxy safe for food contact?

We use only food-safe epoxy. Its safety is approved with FDA certificates, which indicate that this epoxy resin is not toxic in the solid-state.


2. If I order a table, will it be the same as in the picture?

A precise can’t be rehashed, just near it very well may be made. After all, every wooden slab will have a different tone, texture, shape. Photography — is just an example of the future table. Thus, you get a 100% remarkable item.


3. Is it possible to create the colour of epoxy, as in the photo?

It’s possible. Nonetheless, it will, in any case, have a specific deviation, in light of the fact that there are such factors as the thickness of the tabletop and the measure of epoxy.


4. Do you give a guarantee?

We guarantee that the coating will be resistant to stains of wine, coffee, tea, and other liquids. But we don’t guarantee that scratches and cuts will not appear on the tabletop, because such damage can occur even on metal.


5. What explains the high prices? I saw cheaper competitors.

Firstly, we use more expensive materials that make our products much better. Secondly, we provide customers with excellent service, that a competitor cannot offer. Thirdly, you pay for a brand that does not try to deceive their customers or reduce the price of the product by decreasing quality


6. How to clean and care for the surface of the table?

To maintain the cleanliness of products with epoxy resin, as with any wooden tables, you just need to keep them clean 🙂

It is recommended to clean the tables with a damp flannel cloth, and then wipe them dry so that there are no stains. You can also polish it with a soft rag. But you should never use stiff brushes or abrasive sponges.

If you follow all the tips for care and maintenance, your table will retain its unique beauty and practicality. But the main advantage of your table is that it can be restored in our workshop. Therefore, it will serve you for decades.



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